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Irish Heritage

Castle in Ireland at sunset

Cead mile failte romhaibh

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

A Ponder & A Pint At Molly Maguire’s In Rumson

Our Irish Heritage instructors will showcase the wonderful aspects of Irish culture celebrated and explored in our programs. A little music, dance, language, and a whole lot of fun!

Thurs, Sept 4, 7 pm
Fee & Code: $12 includes a beverage, XIRIG 119 W

Irish Language Adventures

Designed for beginners to fluent speakers, students will be divided into groups, each with its own instructor, based on abilities and needs. Groups will interact with one another and participate in joint activities. This format will enhance the objective of keeping Irish available as the living, spoken language at the very heart of Irish culture. Whether you’re looking to dive into the Táin Bó Culaigne or just pick up a few phrases for travel, this program will work for you! 10 SESSIONS

Thurs, Sept 11-Nov 13, 7-8:30 pm
Fee & Code: $119, XIRIL 025 W

Northern Ireland: A Brief History

Henry McNally, Irish historian

Explore the beginnings of the political entity called Northern Ireland, from the push for Home Rule in Ireland through the “Good Friday Agreement.” Topics include the civil rights movement, direct British civil and military rule, Bloody Sunday, IRA resistance, the hunger strikes, and the rise of political Sinn Féin. Selective use of several videos produced in Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. 5 SESSIONS

Tues, Sept 16-Oct 14, 10-11:30 am
Fee & Code: $89, XIRIG 108 W

James Joyce’s The Dubliners

Linda Rath De Houst, instructor

A beloved collection of short stories by Ireland’s most famous author, The Dubliners depicts Ireland and the Irish people with subtle genius, beautifully revealing the shared humanity of a people. We’ll start with The Sisters, move on to The Boarding House and end our journey with Ivy Day in the Committee Room. Join us for an in-depth and enlightening reading of three short stories worthy of endless exploration and analysis. Email after registering to receive stories by email. 3 SESSIONS

Tues, Oct 7-21, 7-9 pm
Fee and Code: $59, XIRIG 114 W

Irish Céilí & Set Dancing

Denis Quinn, instructor

Learn some of the local traditional folk dances of Ireland that have been danced socially in homes and pubs for hundreds of years. Both Céilí and Set dances will be taught by experienced teachers who have studied with dance masters from Ireland and America. Gain the basic steps and knowledge of many popular dances. When you hear the toe-tapping sounds of a reel or jig, you can get out on the dance floor and have fun. Soon you will be dancing at the crossroads. Don’t sit this one out! 5 SESSIONS

Wed, Oct 15-Nov 19, 7-8:30 pm
Fee and Code: $79, XIRIG 002 W

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