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NEW! History Of Witchcraft

Gregory Caggiano, historian, instructor, presidential scholar

Are witches real? Do the powers of witchcraft really exist? People throughout history thought so! Learn about the witch-hunts of early modern Europe and the hysteria that spread to the New World, and erupted in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1693. Discuss the history, psychology, and sociology of the time. Appropriate for ages 13 and up. (half price for students under 18)

Fri, Oct 3, 7-9 pm
Fee and Code: $24, XHUMN 246 W

Legends Of New Jersey: Fact Or Fiction?

Gregory Caggiano, historian, instructor, presidential scholar

New Jersey’s rich historical lore is filled with legends surrounding its battlefields, local cemeteries, and private residences. The story of the Jersey Devil will be examined and his existence called into question. Are these legends fact or fiction?

Thurs, Oct 30, 7-9 pm
Fee and Code: $24, XHUMN 236 W

NEW! Weaving A Tale

Mary Roth-Davies, Brookdale adjunct professor

Long before Mad Men and Downton Abbey, dramas were broadcast on tapestries and embroideries. These stories were just as stirring as Game of Thrones is today. They tell of mythical beasts, sword fights, pitched battles, and the Greatest Story Ever Told. Explore the works of The Lady and the Unicorn, The Bayeux Tapestry, and The Acts of the Apostles, and see how stories were woven in such a magical way. 3 SESSIONS

Thurs, Nov 6-Nov 20, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $59, XHUMN 247 W

Jews And Christians, Words And Deeds: A Day With Brookdale’s God Squad

Christopher Bellitto, PhD and Brooks Susman, Rabbi

Western religious tradition depends upon “The Word.” But whose word as filtered by whom? Join this lively, dynamic, pre-holiday examination of the texts that serve as the basis for Western faith belief as presented by Brookdale’s own ever-popular God Squad. Rabbi Susman and Dr. Bellitto will also review the history of Jewish and Christian relations from the cusp of World War I to the present day desire for fundamental principles. Light lunch included.

Thurs, Dec 11, 10 am-3 pm
Fee and Code: $55, XPERS 246 W

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