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Estate Planning For Everyone

Harvey J. Jacob, Esq., member NJ and PA Bar

Estate planning means knowing what you have, who you need or want to take care of (including yourself!), what they and you need now and in the future, and determining how best to meet those needs. Learn what you must know about how your assets are titled before you can make a plan that works. Learn the fundamentals of Wills and Trusts, Durable Powers, and Living Wills. Strategies for minimizing or eliminating New Jersey Estate and Inheritance Taxes on small estates also to be discussed. 3 SESSIONS

Tues, Oct 7-Oct 21, 7-8:30 pm
Fee and Code: $59, XFINL 021 W

Financial Strategies For Successful Retirement

Joseph P. Silvestri, CFP, ChFC, CLPC Creative Financial Group of New Jersey

As baby boomers approach retirement, new financial questions arise. We’ll address your questions about building enough wealth to retire, increasing retirement income, and exploring lifestyle options. Discuss mutual funds, insurance, stocks, bonds, estate taxes, and long term care. You’ll receive a workbook packed with sound, solid information that you can take home and put to good use in the development of your own financial blueprint. Come away with a clearer picture of the opportunities available to improve your future financial security. Spouse/partner may attend for free. 3 SESSIONS

Sec1:  Sat, Oct 11-Oct 25, 9:30 am-noon
Lincroft campus
Sec 2:  Wed, Oct 22- Nov 5, 6:30-9 pm
Brookdale At Hazlet
Fee and Code: $59, XFING 002 W

Appealing A Home Assessment To Reduce Your Real Estate Taxes

Frederick Burg, Brookdale adjunct math instructor, successful appeal applicant

How do you know if your property taxes are too high? While you cannot appeal your taxes, you can appeal your related property assessment (deadline is January 15 for Monmouth County, April or May 1 in other counties). How do you decide whether to pursue an appeal? How do you do it? Find out about a successful approach, used by our presenter, that answers these questions. Learn the appeal schedule and the form to be completed. We’ll examine tools for finding “comparables” that are the basis of your appeal. Lastly, we’ll touch on the Tax Board hearing proceedings when your appeal is heard, and what happens afterwards.

Sat, Oct 11, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Fee and Code: $39, XFING 086 W

Social Security Timing

John Bohinski, president CLU Brokerage Professionals

When and how to collect your social security retirement benefits is a very important decision that requires planning in order to maximize benefits. Strategies to increase your benefits are not applied automatically. Review Social Security basics; how benefits are calculated, and strategies to increase them. Life expectancy, coordinating benefits with spouses, when to apply, timing, and opportunities to increase benefits will be discussed. Spouse/partner may attend for free.

Wed, Oct 15, 6:30-8 pm
Fee and Code: $39, XFING 089 W

NEW! Estate And Trust Administration

Harvey J. Jacob, Esq., member NJ and PA Bar

Are you the Executor of a Will, or  the Administrator of an Estate of an individual who died without a Will? Have you been appointed Guardian of a Minor or Incapacitated Individual? Learn what you need to do to fulfill your legal and ethical duties and obligations. What documents, reports, and accounting do you owe to heirs and beneficiaries? What steps do you need to take to avoid personal liability from your actions or inactions in the exercise of your duties? 3 SESSIONS

Tues, Nov 4-Nov 18, 7-8:30 pm
Fee and Code: $59, XFINL 022 W

Stock Market Boot Camp Series

Robert Cutrupi, senior portfolio management director, the Cutrupi Group of Morgan Stanley Smith LLC


Boot Camp – Basics

Explore basics for understanding the stock market to advanced strategies on how to select stocks and manage risk. Find out what information you need to increase the probability of making a successful investment. Learn how to read technical charts as well as how to review the fundamentals of a company. Investment strategies will be discussed, but no specific products will be offered.

Sat, Oct 25, 9:30 am-noon
Fee and Code: $39, XFING 073 W


Boot Camp – Next Steps

Expand your knowledge of the stock market. Review intermediate to advanced investment strategies combining fundamental and technical analysis (point and figure charting) and portfolio construction and risk management techniques. Learn the importance of sector and stock selection utilizing various technical tools including relative strength, momentum, and trend. Students who attend this class should have basic knowledge of investing. Investment strategies will be discussed, but no specific products will be offered.

Sat, Nov 1, 9:30 am-noon
Fee and Code: $39, XFING 079 W


Advanced Boot Camp – Investing In Today’s Uncertain Market

Examine tactical portfolio management and tools for broadening your investment scope. Topics include ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), Options, Investing in Bear Markets, Defense Investing, and Investing for Yield. Explore the six major asset classes: Cash, Bonds, US Equities, International Equities, Currencies, and Fixed Income. Learn how to incorporate these asset classes into your portfolio. Strategies discussed, no specific products will be offered.

Sat, Nov 8, 9:30 am-noon
Fee and Code: $39, XFING 083 W

Complete Series: $99, XFING 090 W

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