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Come to Campus – Life’s Open Canvas

Brisk fall days are meant for campus life. Set your mind in motion and meet others who are intellectually curious like yourself. Experience the pure joy of learning; no tests, no grades! Lunch is included. Lectures enjoy a common theme this season, The Artists’ Life.  Please select one morning lecture.


Morning Lectures: Choose one – 10 am – noon

The Artist Life

Dillies Pilevsky, English and history teacher

The Last Leaf  by O. Henry (born William Sidney Porter) is set in a 20th-century Greenwich Village apartment house of artists struggling to survive amid their special dreams and simple pleasures. A multi-themed story with a great surprise twist ending! We’ll examine the importance of art as it expresses caring, faith, hope, and beauty in its creative authenticity. Enjoy a great discussion about a charming story and a fascinating author. Email to receive story.


Amy Faris, Brookdale adjunct instructor, working artist

Take a look at “scandalous” works of art over time. Pieces that perhaps seem innocent to us now may have caused serious public outrage at the time of their creation. What was once deemed unacceptable is now the norm – revered, cherished, and displayed in the world’s greatest museums. Through an exploration of famous works of art, what can we say about context? Acceptance? Truth? Viewpoint? Societal change? A fun and gently controversial presentation.

Afternoon Lecture: 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Conversion Of Love

Dr. Edoardo Mungiello, Brookdale adjunct professor, art history

Love, marriage, lust and desire are central themes of art through the ages. Join this evocative exploration of romance as depicted  through the Renaissance.  From simple lust to courtly love to committed marriage, social messages are portrayed and conveyed through art.  The power of a transformational kiss and purified love is a central theme. Many great artworks, and their master artist creators, will be explored in the new light of love. Dr Mungiello was a scholar in residence at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford, England.

Fri, Oct 24, 10 am-2:30 pm
Fee and Code: $65, XPERS 248 W

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