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NEW!  Tour Of European Cities

Travel from the comfort of a classroom. Visit, or re-visit, beautiful European cities. Evenings will explore the culture, history, and flavors of these unforgettable destinations. Note: All classes are 7-9 pm, however, days of the week vary.


The Churches And Fountains Of Rome – Thurs, Oct 2

Colette Rafferty, Brookdale adjunct professor

A virtual tour of the famous architectural structures that grace the streets of Rome. See a side of the city that brings to life the history and culture of its people.


The Almafi Coast – Tues, Oct 21

Colette Rafferty, Brookdale adjunct professor

Known for its beauty and splendor, we’ll travel the paths of this Italian treasure.


Madrid, Spain – Wed, Nov 5

Frank Prignoli, Brookdale adjunct professor

Taste the wonder of Spain’s capital city. Explore the foods, music, culture, and relaxed elegance.


Puglia: The Next Tuscany – Thurs, Nov 13

Franca Giuliani, instructor

This Italian South East region is a rising star in tourism. So different from Tuscany, Puglia offers visitors another layer of culture, cuisine, and climate.


The Uniqueness Of Florence – Tues, Dec 2

Franca Giuliani, instructor

Be transported to this beautiful city with an instructor that calls Florence a second home. Learn about the history and art unique to Florence. Explore the culture, food, and music. Feel as if you spent the evening overseas.

Rome: Thurs, Oct 2, 7-9 pm
Almafi: Tues, Oct 21, 7-9 pm
Madrid: Wed, Nov 5, 7-9 pm
Puglia: Thurs, Nov 13, 7-9 pm
Florence: Tues, Dec 2, 7-9 pm

Fee and Code: $24/ individual session, XHUMN 248 W
Fee and Code: $99/ complete series, XHUMN 250 W

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