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Fundamentals Of Gemology Certificate

Hillary Spector, GG (graduate gemologist)

Whether you love jewelry or are interested in a career in the industry, this 24-hour program presents a solid foundation in pearls, diamonds, gems, and precious metals. Study how gems are formed, mined, identified, graded, and priced. Understand the global, political, and economic perspectives of the industry. Using laboratory equipment, learn gem identifying techniques such as how to tell the difference between a blue aquamarine, a blue topaz, and a blue sapphire. Hear about job opportunities and effective paths to a career in gemology. Certificate issued with a 70 percent passing grade on written and laboratory assessments. 8 SESSIONS

Dates: Mon, Oct 6-Nov 24, 5:30-8:30 pm
Fee and Code: $499, XBUSS 034W

Course Outline:


  • History
  • Formation
  • Shapes
  • Properties
  • 4Cs/grading criteria and value
  • Analyzing grading reports “GIA Certificates”
  • Industry issues

Colored Gems

  • Classifying gems
  • Grading colored gems
  • Properties
  • Identifying colored gems theory
  • Identifying colored gems lab


  • Natural pearls
  • Cultured pearls
  • Cultured Saltwater
  • Cultured Freshwater
  • Grading/value factors
  • Industry issues


  • Industry choices and issues

Career Paths



About the instructor:

Hillary Spector has more than 25 years of experience in the gemological industry. She is a graduate gemologist (GG) and former instructor of The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s largest and most respected institute of gemological research and learning. She is a former trainer and staff gemologist for Fortunoff. Ms. Spector owned a jewelry gallery where she was responsible for buying, selling, and appraising diamonds and gems. She also teaches for Jewelry Television via webinars and on-site presentations.

What students say about Hillary Spector:

Excellent course! Instructor’s knowledge of subject matter and teaching style were excellent. I am thrilled I took this class. Kara Blasco.

I love this class. I have had a considerable experience in education having gone to law school but this is the first and only class I have ever had that when it was time to go I couldn’t believe three hours went by. Hillary has extensive knowledge and a fun and friendly way of teaching. Cheryll Cusumano

This class really gave me a better understanding of what to be aware of in the jewelry industry. My goal is to study to be a graduate gemologist and this class was a perfect way to introduce myself to gemology. It really sparked my interest and was fun all the way through. Dana R. Williams

Hillary Spector is a great teacher. Adhem Hady

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